To celebrate in our tent, meet friends and just enjoy oneself… this also is possible for the youth. But only if the rules concerning the German Law Of Youth Protection are observed. Obeying this the Grandls Hofbräu Tent is already having a precise look at the entrance to the tent: by having offensive youth protection patrols we have a share in avoiding alcohol excesses amongst young persons. We defined the following distinct rules for your visit in our tent:


The access to the tent is permitted for persons having reached the age of 16 only.
There will be a control of age at the entrance where your personal ID has to be shown. A copy of your ID will not be accepted. Teenagers that are not yet 16 years old will only be permitted to enter the tent with their legal guardian. At this juncture our Security Service is esteeming that there is a cognizable relation of authority between you as a youngster and the accompanying legal guardian. A legal aged friend (18 is the legal age of consent in Germany) won’t be accepted as your guardian.


“Pre-heating” has to stay outside!
The access to the tent will be denied to whomever that drank before they want to visit Grandls Hofbräu Tent – no matter what age they are. Our Security Service is required to make a breathalyzer test on spec.


The consumption of alcohol has its limitations.
16- and 17 year old persons are allowed by German law to consume beer only and merely in a modest way. This means that the responsible handling of alcohol is a requirement for being a part of the party in Grandls Hofbräu Tent. Our Security Service will intervene as soon as they think that you drink alcohol excessively.


No alcohol for adolescents younger than 16 years.
No alcohol will be given to adolescents younger than 16 years strictly in our tent.


Teenagers are not allowed to drink spirits (for example: Schnapps, liquor, alcopops,…).
According to this we do not sell spirits to minors (in Germany: Persons that are not yet 18 years old) in the Grandls Hofbräu Tent. Since we are not allowed to - and also do not want to - estimate your age, we kindly ask everyone that is younger than 21 to show their ID unrequested when ordering alcoholic drinks. The transmission of spirits (for example: an adult ordering an alcoholic beverage and then handing it out to a minor) will not be tolerated.


There’s no need to drink alcohol in order to have fun in our tent.
On our menu you will find a great many of non-alcoholic drinks that gladly will be served to you.

All our measures are based on the German Law Of Youth Protection. If you have any other questions concerning that subject please feel free to contact us.
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