Notables celebrate in Grandls Hofbräu Zelt

When Maxi von Bleyle and Hans-Peter Grandl send out an invitation, the famous personalities of the region all will gladly follow it. Whether politicians or important people of business, sports and culture – everyone that was invited met in the Grandl Loge on Sunday October 8th.

Already the first edition of the event “Wasen summit – the Wasen Matinée in Grandls Hofbräu Zelt” achieved an excellent response. An event that offers the rare opportunity to exchange without political borders and entrepreneurial sectors in a relaxed atmosphere was created. The culinary highlights from our beer tent kitchen also contributed to the outstanding atmosphere.

Like always in Grandl’s Hofbräu Zelt, the invited guests donated for a selected social institution. This year 7.000 Euro were collected; an amount which was handed over without deductions to the institution called “Stadtteilbauernhof Bad Cannstatt”.

Attention and empathy best describe the work of the institution “Stadtteilbauernhof Bad Cannstatt”. Under the direction of the supervisors, kindergartners, pupils as well as handicapped people learn the responsible handling of animals and our nature. Flower and vegetable beds are laid out, horses are groomed and stables are mown. Everybody there plants, harvests, cooks and eats together. We call it a showpiece project that deserves the best possible support.

Our thanks go to all the guests who accepted our invitation.

“Wasen summit 2017” – including:  Susanne Eisenmann (Minister for Culture, Youth and Sports in Baden-Württemberg), Björn Graf Bernadotte af Wisborg (Managing Director of the Lennart-Bernadotte Foundation), Christoph Dahl (Managing Director Baden-Württemberg Stiftung), Professor Thomas Edig (HR Director Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles), Stefan Kölbl (Chairman of the Board DEKRA eV), Andreas Kroll (Managing Director of in.Stuttgart Veranstaltungsgesellschaft), Wolfgang Molitor (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Stuttgarter Nachrichten), concert promoter Michael Russ, Honorary Consul, Helmut W. Schweimler, and many more.